Policy & Research - Policy Responses

Through Policy, Research and Information, RCN engages rural communities in policy change through consultation; makes policy responses to government; encourages voluntary representation on various agencies/bodies/partnerships and carries out research on poverty and social inclusion in rural areas.

If you would like RCN to consider a particular policy area please get in touch either through the noticeboard, discussion forum or feedback form.

Peace Plus Consultation Response - Draft 12/05/2021 More
Mental Health Strategy 2021-2031 Consultation 23/04/2021 More
Programme for Government Draft Outcomes Framework 25/03/2021 More
Dept of FInance 2021-2022 Consultation 01/03/2021 More
Review of Hate Crime Legislation 24/01/2021 More
PIP Assessment Process 19/10/2020 More
Housing Executive Draft Older People’s Strategy Consultation 09/10/2020 More
HE - Working Together for Safer Communities 30/03/2020 More
Public discussion document on an Environment Strategy for NI 30/03/2020 More
Environment Strategy for NI 08/01/2020 More
Reshaping Stroke Care 21/08/2019 More
DfC Consultation on the Future of the House Sales Scheme 05/08/2019 More
Reshaping Breast Assessment Services 11/07/2019 More
Representation to MUDC Local Development Plan 2030 - Draft Plan Strategy 03/04/2019 More
Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past 02/09/2018 More
RCN Response to the NI Budgetary Outlook 2018-2020 Consultation 22/01/2018 More
DfC consultation on Proposals for the Private Rented Sector 31/03/2017 More
Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measure Review 2017 16/01/2017 More
Rural Residents’ Forum Response to the PfG 22/12/2016 More
PfG Delivery Plan Indicators 23, 25 and 47 22/12/2016 More
PfG - Delivery Plan Indicators 26, 31 and 35 22/12/2016 More
DfC - Delivery Plan Indicators 19 and 28 22/12/2016 More
Response to the Consultation on the Programme for Government 07/09/2016 More
DARD EQIA on Online Communication 12/02/2016 More
RCN & RDC joint response to ARD committee call for evidence on the Rural Needs Bill. 10/12/2015 More
Delivering Social Change Through Childcare 24/11/2015 More
Social Development committee call for evidence on the Housing Amendment Bill 04/09/2015 More
RCN Response to The Donaldson Report 22/05/2015 More
Shared Education Consultation Questionnaire RCN response 23/03/2015 More
RCN Response to DARD Rural Proofing Consultation 18/03/2015 More
Response to OFMDFM Committee Inquiry into TBUC 10/10/2014 More
Developer Contributions for Affordable Housing 08/10/2014 More
Peace 4 INTERREG consultation response 23/07/2014 More
Delivering Social Change for Children and Young People 28/03/2014 More
RCN response to Environment Committee Inquiry into Wind Energy 11/03/2014 More
DSD Social Housing Allocations Research 04/03/2014 More
NIHE Community Engagement Strategy 31/01/2014 More
Consultation on Putting Pupils First - Reforming the Common Funding Scheme 23/10/2013 More
NIRDP Equality Impact Assessment 21/10/2013 More
NI Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 21/10/2013 More
Rate Rebate Replacement Arrangements - The Way Forward 11/10/2013 More
RCN response to NEELB Primary Area Plan 03/07/2013 More
Towards a Childcare Strategy 06/03/2013 More
Transforming Your Care Vision to Action 26/02/2013 More
NIHE Draft Rural Action Plan 2013-2015 26/02/2013 More
Response for the Six European Union Priorities for Rural Development. 31/12/2012 More
Facing the Future: Housing Strategy for Northern Ireland 01/12/2012 More
Advancement of Shared Education in NI 30/11/2012 More
DARD Strategic Plan 2012-2020 30/11/2012 More
SEUPB - Peace VI Consultation 30/11/2012 More
DSD Urban Regeneration and Community Development Policy Framework 29/10/2012 More
Putting Pupils First: Shaping Our Future - NEELB 29/10/2012 More
Draft Area Plan for Post-Primary Schools in the SEELB area 29/10/2012 More
Area Plan for Post Primary Provision Southern Education and Library Board 29/10/2012 More
Putting Pupils First: Shaping Our Future- WELB Strategic Area Plan 29/10/2012 More
NIHE Audit of Inequalities and Action Plan 12/06/2012 More
Draft Programme for Government 2011-15 22/02/2012 More
Review of the Agricultural Wages Board in Northern Ireland 17/01/2012 More
Social Investment Fund Consultation 05/01/2012 More
Consultation on the Report on the Review of the Youth Justice System 22/12/2011 More
Libraries NI Opening Hours Review Rural Impact Consultation 02/12/2011 More
Key Issues for the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development 09/11/2011 More
Department of Justice Consultation 20/09/2011 More
Community Development Strategy for Health & Wellbeing 19/09/2011 More
Consultation on the Draft Homelessness Strategy 2011-16 18/08/2011 More
Consultation and information on technical licence conditions 18/08/2011 More
Draft Rural White Paper Action Plan 14/06/2011 More
Consultation on a New Community Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland 21/04/2011 More
Shaping Our Future Regional Development Strategy 2025 30/03/2011 More
Communication from the EU Commission on CAP Reform 22/02/2011 More
NI Executive Budget and Departmental Spending Plans 2011-15 17/02/2011 More
Review of Financial Assistance for Domestic Properties 09/02/2011 More
RCN Response to Educational Underachievement 25/01/2011 More
RCN Response to the EQIA - Social Housing 14/01/2011 More
Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration 03/11/2010 More
Draft Public Assemblies, Parades 14/07/2010 More
RCN Response on Farm Modernisation 25/06/2010 More
RCN response to DoE Road Safety Strategy 25/06/2010 More
Response to Consultation on Public Transport Reform 09/02/2010 More
Response to Consultation on the NI Multiple Deprivation Measure 2009 25/01/2010 More
Response to Consultation on the Future for Housing in N Ireland 18/01/2010 More
Submission to Regional Transportation Strategy Review 18/12/2009 More
Response on Area Advice Centres 30/11/2009 More
Response to the Independent Review of Economic Policy 23/11/2009 More
Volunteering Strategy for NI Response 06/11/2009 More
Dealing with the Past in N Ireland 20/10/2009 More
Planning Reform Response 05/10/2009 More
RCN Response to EQIA 15/07/2009 More
Response on Transition Committees 15/07/2009 More
Response to Accessible Transport Strategy 15/07/2009 More
Response to Draft Planning Policy Statement 21 31/03/2009 More
Response to The Rural Anti-Poverty / Social Inclusion Framework 27/03/2009 More
Utility Regulator’s Social Action Plan 27/03/2009 More
Response to NI Ambulance Service H&SCT 18/02/2009 More
Response to DSD of Warm Homes Scheme 18/12/2008 More
Response to Consultation of the Rural Champion 25/11/2008 More
Response to Review of Policy on Location of Public Sector Jobs 01/05/2008 More
Response to Post Office Network Change Programme 01/05/2008 More
Response to Proposals for Health & Social Care Reform 01/05/2008 More
Response to Draft Equality Impact Assessment of Building a Better Future 01/05/2008 More
** Letter of apology from DFP Rating Policy Division ** 01/05/2008 More
Response to DEL's Consultation on Curriculum Provision by FE Colleges 01/01/2008 More
Response to the NIO's Proposals for the Safety of Older People 01/01/2008 More
Response to the Programme for Government and Budget for NI 2008-11 01/01/2008 More
Response to the Draft Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland 2008-11 01/01/2008 More
Response to the Equality Impact Assessment on the RDP 01/11/2007 More
Response to the Inquiry into Child Poverty Public Consultation 01/11/2007 More
NGO Update on Ministerial led Forum on Poverty Social Exclusion Oct 07 01/10/2007 More
Response to closure of Community Based Courses fun by FE Colleges 01/10/2007 More
Response to Domestic Review Review 01/10/2007 More
Response to the Inquiry into the Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm 01/10/2007 More
Response to Section 75 - Keeping it Effective 01/08/2007 More
Response to the Review of Rating Reform 01/08/2007 More
Promoting Good Relations - A Guide for Public Authorities 01/04/2007 More
Schools for the Future 01/04/2007 More
Affordability Housing Review Home Truths 01/03/2007 More
Effectiveness of Section 75 01/03/2007 More
Peace III Operational Programme 01/03/2007 More
Rural Homes & People - A thing of the past or something for the future 01/02/2007 More
Review into Affordable Housing 01/01/2007 More
Rural Development Programme Response 01/10/2006 More
PWC Study on Rural Policy 01/07/2005 More
The Big Lottery Fund 01/05/2005 More
Charity Commission for Northern Ireland 01/05/2005 More
DARD's Rural Proofing Annual Report 01/04/2005 More
Options for Forestry 01/04/2005 More
Promoting the Social Inclusion of Homeless People 01/02/2005 More
Transport 01/01/2005 More
Ageing in an Inclusive Society 01/11/2004 More
PPS 14 01/10/2004 More
New TSN 01/10/2004 More
Noble response 01/10/2004 More