Participative Democracy Workshops

Come Help Make Politics Work for Everyone

Are you interested in getting engaged in your community and working with community representatives to work towards a better and shared future?
The focus of this project is not just to promote more knowledge about local politics, but also to provide people the tools to help communities better address ongoing needs and have their voices heard. Our focus is to bridge the gap between communities and the people who represent them.

Our series of 5 weekly, 90 minute workshops will cover things like:
  • Local political history
  • Voting & electoral systems; power-sharing
  • Alternatives to the current system - Citizen's Assemblies & local civic forums
  • And develop action plans to create local forums to address needs at the grassroots level
We will be working with local representatives and community leaders. Our focus is to be inclusive to people from all backgrounds and help give individuals and their communities a voice.

Workshops will be conducted virtually and reviewed weekly under evolving social distancing restrictions, with the preference of being conducted in-person eventually.

For further information and workshop dates contact Community Dialogue / 028 9035 1450 / 07841 869 221 /